. Any cheats, hacks, duping and exploits are strictly forbidden. Bug abusing for self-benefit is considered an exploit. If caught, you will recieve severe punishments (Minimum ban/Permanent ban). If you find a bug, report it to a GM/Admin by making a ticket or emailing it to the admin with enough information about it.
2.Respect all players, Game Masters, and Admins. You've heard it before; treat others as you would like to be treated.
3.Do not attack a flagged GM. The GM has their tag on for a reason; to do work. He/She does not need another player attacking them while they are doing their work. The punishment is the attacked-GM's discretion.
4. Advertising ingame, Ventrilo or on the forums is a clear no-no. Your account/username will be instantly banned for a large sum of time.
5. Officer chat is reserved only for English. No other language should be used in officer chat but English.
6. Spamming officer chat is forbidden. Multiple offenses will lead to a ban. Keep the officer chat clean of spam.
7. Swearing and capslock in officer chat is forbidden. No need for all caps in officer chat. And keep the chat clean of swearing.
8.Racism of any kind in any chat is forbidden. There is severe punishments for racist comments (Account mute/ban).
9. Character names must be appropriate. When caught, you will be forced to change your name and may face a character ban for a period of time.
10. Account sharing, trading, giving-away and selling is strictly forbidden. This is for your security. Sharing accounts puts your account in jeopardy and puts the GMs and Admins in a hasstle to resolve the avoidable issue. When caught, all accounts involved in the sharing/trading/giving-away/selling will be account banned for a period of time.
11. Spawnkilling (Camping a spawn point where players port to or spawn at) is not allowed.
12. Corpse-camping (Camping a player's corpse where they revive) is forbidden.
13. Killing/Attacking a player who is attacking a boss is forbidden.
14. Resetting a boss to full health to gain control of the loot is forbidden. This will result in severe punishments.
15. Scamming or attempting to scam is forbidden. We will ask you to give back the item scammed for a less severe punishment. If you do not comply, you will recieve 
a severe punishment.
16. Scripting is forbidden.

 17.Impersonating a GM or Admin is strictly forbidden. There is no reason for this. There will be no argument; you will be instantly banned for a duration at the GM's discretion.
18.We expect you to be polite and mature ingame. Help out new players; give advice or point them in the right direction.
19.Any of these rules have consequences if broken. The punishments are up to the Admin or GM enforcing

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